Estonian Autistic Association

The Estonian Autistic Association (hereinafter EAA, founded 2014) is a nation-wide self-advocacy association, representing people on autistic spectrum – AS (this includes people without an official autism or Asperger’s diagnosis that identify themselves as autistic). It is a politically and religiously independent, non-governmental and non-profit organization that acts in the public interest and charity purposes.

Main objectives ot EAA:

  • to facilitate networking and to create opportunities for social interaction for AS people through peer groups and other social events,

  • to represent the interests of AS people in public discussions to improve their quality of life in Estonia,

  • to raise general awareness about AS-related issues and to reduce public prejudices, stigmatization, and violations of human rights of AS-related neurominorities,

  • To introduce and spread information about the concept of neurodiversity in Estonia,
  • to improve the coping capacity and quality of both private and professional life of AS people.

Current activities:

  • Provide people with social inclusion opportunities, including social events and peer groups, as well as peer counseling and moral support;

  • AS related public and targeted communication and awareness activities,

  • Collaboration with other organizations, public authorities, networks, and associations, as well as legal entities and individuals, both in Estonia and abroad, and participation in projects contributing to goals of EAA.